A Brand Built on Insights

Chapter 1: The Birth

On a cold winter day in Dec 2016, Caroleen sat in front of her computer trying to find a natural scalp oil and scalp cleanser that would stop her hair fall. After hours of research she was left more confused than ever. How was it that almost every other brand was claiming to be organic and natural, yet their ingredients had a multitude of chemicals? She decided to undertake her own study of skin and hair care products - a passion that ultimately led to the creation of Reeves Clive.

Chapter 2: The Learning

Caroleen, our founder spent several months learning about formulations from R&D labs and Ayurvedic doctors, as well as working as an ingredient’s consultant. Her experience became her foundation in understanding what was missing in the Indian market and what the consumer desperately desired.

  • She learned that in a country where every third brand claims to be natural or herbal, there is vast misinformation on what actually constitutes the two. Her goal became to create a brand that was absolutely authentic and honest with its consumers.
  • Consumers are keen to forgo traditional products in favor of organic and natural products, often growing frustrated with a lack of transparency around ingredients and their benefits. Her goal became to educate her consumers about product ingredients and be an advocate for their interests.
  • Products camouflaged as pure and natural are often laden with chemicals-doing more harm than good to the consumers’ and their skin. Her goal became to help her consumers inculcate better skin habits and become more sensitive with their skin.

Chapter 3: The Growth

To realize her goals, Caroleen started building a team of passionate, knowledgeable and assiduous individuals. It was recognized early on that the only way to succeed was if everyone was a champion of their own field while also contributing to the company.

Using the combined experience of the team, Reeves Clive was able to identify and select unique ingredients that were missing in other Indian products, but held immense benefits for skin and hair. With the help of advanced technology, the benefits of these ingredients could be encapsulated into products that held unparalleled potential for the Indian consumer.

Chapter 4: The Evolution

Instead of using such gimmicks, Reeves Clive is a brand that is solely focused on bringing products of the highest quality to market. At the core of every product is a careful analysis of consumers and their dermatological concerns. To address these concerns, Reeves Clive focuses on two main areas- ingredients and technology.

All products are formulated with Bioactives (or plant and marine based ingredients). Bioactives offer a more stable and sustainable alternative to synthetic ingredients. They not only improve the feel of the products but also actively work on the skin barriers to provide the best results. With ingredients like Micro Algae, Seaweed, Marine Water, Mud, Marine Plants, Reeves Clive has become the flag bearer of pure, clean and sustainable beauty in India.

Our investment in biotechnology and encapsulation technology allows us to capture all the benefits of these ingredients, bringing you a product unlike any other in the market. Biotechnology sourced ingredients are eco certified and provide both quick beauty enhancement and long-term skin protection. Encapsulation technology allows transformation of these materials into active form, further enhancing performance and sustainability of the products.

Chapter 5: The Result/Outcome

After years of study, learning, testing, surveying development the brand now belongs to you-the consumers. We hope that you enjoy and benefit from the products, which has been our intention from the day we began.

We promise to continue being absolutely honest with our ingredients, championing your well being, constantly innovating and utilizing the best-in-class technology.

We Embrace Honesty

We will never compromise. We keep our promises and provide you with authentic, natural yet effective skin & hair care.

We Embrance Change

We are passionate about innovation. We are committed to integrating Bioscience & Bio-Marine technology, exploring new initiatives and seeing change as an opportunity to provide utmost benefits with marine minerals and actives.

We Embrance Betterment

We share knowledge and learning for the benefit of all. We strive for clarity and consistency, introduce marine-inspired formulas and focus on edge-cutting essential actives for better care and a biodiverse future.