Company portfolio:

Revees Clive lays foundation on bringing products of highest quality to the consumers. At the core of each product there is a depth of careful analysis of consumers and their dermatological concerns. In order to address these concerns, the company focused on two main areas- ingredients and technology! 

The essence of the brand lies in its adoption of biotechnology to procure the ingredients and in the making of each and every product. Revees Clive is a clinically proven, clean and sustainable brand with its heart rooted in the tranquil beauty of the ocean and seas. The natural products inspired by biotechnology are made from plant and marine based ingredients. These ingredients are eco-certified and provide beauty enhancement and long-term skin protection. Encapsulation technology further facilitates the transformation of these materials into an active form, enhancing the performance and sustainability of these products. 

Our products are holistically designed to do wonders to your skin, body and hair without exerting any damage to the environment. It is a well being for both you and your surroundings.


To establish a range of scientifically formulated skin, body and hair products without causing any harm to nature, animals and the surroundings. 


To become a role model in the natural, organic and biotechnology inspired personal care market. 


We embrace honesty : We believe honesty is the virtuous way to achieve any goal. Honest products help us build our integrity and add value to the lives of gorgeous customers. 

We embrace change : We believe that change is the only constant around us and we must continue to adapt ourselves to the changing surroundings. We give special attention to consumer needs and make modifications accordingly. 

We aim for betterment : From saying no to animal testing to embracing sustainable measures, we try to make our products and its packaging environmental friendly and we are continuously on the look out for solutions that work towards the betterment of the society.