Don't Get Fooled by These 5 Acne Myths and Legends!

Acne Myths

In the technological world with endless articles of information on the Internet, it is challenging to separate facts from fiction. We as humans love to experiment but is that so when it comes to our own skincare? We guess not! This read will help you understand some facts about acne which is a very common skin problem and is often associated with a lot of incorrect conceptions.

 Lets together overcome some acne myths:-

  1. It has something to do with hygiene

Acne is even thought to have occured because of poor hygiene habits, however, this is not the case because it is what goes beneath the skin that leads to acne and not surface accumulation of dirt. While it is always good to wash your face at regular intervals, it has nothing to do with acne. In most cases, it has a correlation with stress and change of hormones.

  1. Washing your skin often will reduce the occurrence

As mentioned in the point above, personal hygiene has nothing to do with acne. In fact, washing skin more than required might result in dryness. Hence, what you can do best is drink loads of water to flush out toxins and keep your stress and anxiety levels on check.

  1. Toothpaste is the best medicine

People often are tempted to believe that the coolness of a toothpaste can calm down the acne outburst and the magical effect will help them get rid of it in a few hours. However, toothpaste in reality can worsen the situation! Try not using products that are not meant for the skin.

  1. Acne only occurs until the teens

As much as we want this to be true, it is not! People irrespective of their age can get acne! Since in most cases its occurrence is related to what goes inside the body, age has very little control over it. The best you can do is treat it.

 Luckily, we are in an era governed with awareness and umpteen options in the market. One of the most successful options for fighting acne and preventing it from spreading is Peony and Turmeric Ubtan! The anti-inflammatory properties can help clear out the pores and calm the skin. What's more? You can also buy turmeric ubtan to manage the acne scars and say goodbye to all the reminders of their existence!

  1. There is nothing you can do about your acne

False! There is no miracle elixir that magically solves problems, but healthy skin care can alleviate and improve the condition. It is important not to use products that cause dehydration or irritation. Our experienced experts guide you through exclusive Revees Clive products that can balance and strengthen your skin from the inside out. Many of our experts offer treatments that are particularly suitable for acne-prone skin. For example, Treating acne skin with natural astringent such as ubtan which is proven to have a mild cleansing action with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial properties can have a positive effect by lowering the pH of the skin.

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