Debunking the Common Skin Care Myths

Skincare Myths

In the world of opinions, it is difficult to find the right answer to all the doubts. While everyone follows their own chain of thought, how do you know what's a marketing gimmick and what's reality? Especially in the skincare industry, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around. This article will help you overcome some of your dilemmas and provide some tips. 

1. Higher SPF means better sun protection 

It is a commonly believed myth that higher SPF promises better sun protection, however, it is not the case in reality. Above a certain level a higher SPF exerts almost the same advantages as a lower one! An SPF of 30 blocks out 97% of sun rays whereas an SPF of 50 blocks out 98%! A sunscreen of SPF 30 is sufficient and effective and you need not go higher for regular days. 

2. Only teeagers get acne and pimples

Most of us are under the impression that acne and pimple breakouts are only restricted to teenage years. However, anyone who's prone to dust, pollution or poor eating and lifestyle habits can get it too. It is important to take care of skin irrespective of age. You must follow basic habits like clean eating, washing your face on regular intervals etc. 

3. Oily skin doesn’t need moisturiser 

Moisturiser must be applied every day no matter what your skin type is. It is good for nourishment and hydration. Many of us feel that our skin is getting greasy or sticky after using moisturiser. However, the reality is that if you don't apply cream, your skin will compensate by producing more oils for lack of moisture. Hence, if you have oily skin, go for light and gel based formulas but don’t skip on them.

4. Burning sensation means the product is working

You might think a little burning sensation can do no harm and can be ignored. In reality, it is a sign for immediate call for action and can be dangerous. Any discomfort on application of product means that it isn’t suiting you well and must be removed. You can apply some ice or aloe vera if such a situation occurs. It is always recommended to do patch tests before purchasing any new products. 

Well, these are just a few myths busted for you! If you are curious to know more, feel free to connect with us and we can discuss or write an article solving your queries! 

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