The Science Behind Damaged Skin

Our skin deals with a lot of problems every day, it deals with pollution, oil, dirt etc. these attacks damage our natural texture and condition of the skin. Therefore, we have to deal with pimples, blemishes, dark spots, sunburns and many other skin issues.

Yes, we all have pimples once in a life but that has a reason as well, that are bacteria, oil, and dirt; but now it is explained that these are not the only reasons for the pimples like the type of food we eat. Even the climate change is responsible for skin problems as different weather conditions have different effects on the skin.

Here are some basic reasons which affect our skin:


Pollution causes many problems in our skin; the most common problems are redness, dryness, blemishes, blocked pores, and irritation. Exposure to UV rays makes our skin age earlier and deal with skin pigmentation.

To prevent your skin from the problems pamper your skin with products that have protective ingredients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E and don’t forget to wear a sunscreen.


Makeup can cause your skin lots of irritation, it can make your skin excessively oily, dry, many a time makeup can cause rashes and acne. Oil present in makeup can clog pores and may cause irritation if allergic. Always remember to read the label on it to know the components and try it a little before using it on the whole skin.


Medicines can result in a certain kind of reactions depending on the kind of medication and the person who is taking it. If you notice any kind of change in your skin after taking any medicine, whether it is rashes, pigmentation, dryness or acne; go to the concerned doctor. Remember the medicines for future reference.

Nature’s Surprises to our Skin ACNE

After teenage also we face acne problem because of various reasons that are humidity, stress, and sweat. Cleaning and washing your skin might not be enough. Visit dermatologist is important if the problem increases.


When our skin is exposed to the sun for a long time then it gets red and irritated we also feel the burning sensation. Applying sunscreens and avoiding contact with the sun for a long time can avoid this situation. Take a cool bath right after feeling the burns on your skin or use cool gels or rub menthol, camphor or aloe on the skin.


Wrinkles are caused due to sun damage, dehydration, medications, smoking, environmental conditions, and genetic factors. Staying hydrated, quit smoking, eating lots of antioxidants and healthy food can avoid wrinkles at an early age.


Pigmentation results in our skin looking dull and uneven toned. And dark spots and scars appear on your skin. Skin pigmentation is not only dark spots it is much more than that. It could be of various kinds of example: sun spots, melasma, freckles, computer radiation spots, post- acne pigmentation, and many more. Therefore, we need to avoid overexposure to the sun, treat pimples and its marks and also get rid of allergic reactions.

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