Here Is How You Can Kill Stress at Work!

Remove stress at work

Welcome to the latest and the most common stress epidemic, workplace panic attacks. According to new research, 52% of us will have at least one of those in our lives and that makes it more than 46 million panic attacks each year; 120,000 every day. Our jobs are indeed a staggeringly common catalyst. The Health and Safety Executive reported 300,000 cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety in women. If you are one of the victims who’s had to take time off work because of stress, you will relate to this. Nearly everyone indeed faces some level of stress these days. It can be crippling but it shouldn’t have to pull you down. To beat it, you might consider incorporating some simple coping strategies into your daily life.

Know Your Triggers

You must pay adequate attention to situations that arouse or spike your anxiety whether that is getting feedback, writing important emails or starting the day with a messy desk and never be ignorant of it. You can also keep a journal to document your observations and look for patterns. When you become aware of what makes you most uneasy, you can anticipate challenges in a better way and create a plan to deal with such triggers. 

Create Conditions For Success

Your well-being should always be your priority and of utmost importance. Simple and easy changes like avoiding too much intake of caffeine, working by a window with a view or putting on some light music can help keep the racing thoughts at bay. Though you can’t control your environment, make it a point to change whatever you can. According to a study, getting sufficient sleep helps about 50% of people feel more at ease and less anxious. Outside of the office, focus on creating rock-solid work-life boundaries.

Ask for What You Need

You must know your workplace rights when it comes to managing or countering your mental and physical health. You can ask for a flexible schedule, additional time for the tasks, and more frequent breaks. If you are explicit about your needs, always be respectful of others’ time and schedules and stay focused on producing good quality work, chances are then high that your team will have no problem honoring your preferences. 

Set Micro Goals 

Setting small, achievable and realistic goals is always a better idea especially when you are struggling with anxiety as you might want to expand your comfort zone. 

Living and working with anxiety doesn’t have to be demotivating or debilitating. Though there may be many setbacks throughout your journey, make sure to celebrate every little victory along the way. And if you have a good understanding with your boss, embrace that relationship and practice effective communication about what’s going on with you and when you might require a little flexibility.

Do Head Massage for Stress Buster

It feels fabulous to have a head massage. In addition to the sensory pleasure it provides, a head massage can ease headache symptoms, reduce stress, and even promote hair growth.

It's no secret that scalp massage can help relieve the stress of the day and promote a sense of relaxation. A 2016 study found that 15 to 25-minute massages with natural scalp oil were able to reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure in female participants. The study authors believe this may be because head massage promotes blood circulation, which has a positive effect on relaxing blood vessels and neck muscles.

In the same 2016 study, participants experienced an increase in hair thickness after receiving daily scalp massages for 24 weeks.

If your hair isn't as thick as it used to be, you may want to consider a scalp massage with natural scalp therapy oil.

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