Active Algae Scalp Cleanser - An Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Healthy Hair

We all want healthy, strong hair because it makes us look good and feel good. However, a common problem that plagues almost everyone is dandruff. And dandruff should not be taken lightly. Dandruff is the result of a fungal infection of the scalp. If no action is taken, new problems will appear.

Active Algae Scalp Cleanser

Untreated dandruff can increase hair loss until patches of baldness appear. Dandruff can also cause severe peeling and itching. Dandruff can get on your clothes and cause embarrassment.

But is there a way to say goodbye to dandruff and other hair problems? The answer is yes. Try Active Algae Scalp Cleanser, a professional anti-dandruff shampoo with a proven track record in treating dandruff-related problems. Based on a world-recognized formulation proven effective against the fungus Malassezia, the root cause of dandruff. Its exclusive formula targets the very frequent hair problems (dandruff, itching, hair loss, scaling, and flaking) that almost everyone faces at some point in their lives.

What causes dandruff?

Dandruff is a non-communicable skin condition that can result from excessive production and secretion of oil by the sweat glands in the skin. This may also be due to the reduced secretion of these natural oils, which are responsible for protecting the skin in moderate amounts. Dandruff also occurs when the number of yeast living on the skin increases suddenly and in varying degrees. Areas of the body that have hair follicles can be affected by dandruff, it does not only affects the scalp. Here are some common causes known to cause dandruff in some individuals:

  1. Chronic health conditions
  2. Damp hair for prolonged periods of time
  3. Extremely dry skin
  4. Weak immune system
  5. Poor personal hygiene
  6. Extreme weather conditions 
  7. Heredity
  8. Extremely oily skin
  9. Mental stress

Dandruff not only causes embarrassment when in public but also causes many other problems. Let's look at some other problems associated with dandruff.

  1. Itchy scalp
  2. Acne on forehead
  3. Persistent ear eczema
  4. Scalp rash
  5. 'Bacne' or back acne
  6. Painful swelling in the chest
  7. Itchy eyebrows
  8. Hair loss

Why do I need Active Algae Scalp Cleanser Anti-Dandruff Shampoo?

Dandruff is caused by a fungal infection of the scalp, but unhealthy lifestyle choices, poor diet, and pollution of air, food, and water can cause dandruff, itchy scalp, hair loss, and brittle hair. While regular anti-dandruff shampoos only wash away visible debris, Scalp Cleanser shampoo for dandruff addresses the root cause of dandruff and alleviates dandruff recurrence.

A professional dandruff solution that contains:

  1. Active Algae

The benefits of algae are primarily due to their powerful concentration of omega-3 fatty acids essential for the body's cellular function. This, in turn, improves the flexibility and moisture of the scalp.

Many experts agree that algae are safe to use for all hair types, but are most helpful for those with scalp conditions. Especially people who have fungal problems such as dandruff or who experience irritation and inflammation on the scalp. Due to the algae's ability to balance oil production, it may also benefit people with oily scalp or hair.

  1. Green Tea

A 2019 review of existing literature found that green tea's hair health properties include its ability to suppress roughness, reduce sebum production, and inhibit dandruff.

Green tea moisturizes and smooths hair, and tea extract cosmetics are the recommended treatment for people of all genders suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

This is all, in addition to the antioxidant benefits green tea provides along with vitamin C and increased blood flow that may benefit hair follicles.

  1. Ginger 

Ginger contains vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that help strengthen hair and is known to increase circulation to the scalp, which is essential for promoting hair growth. The antiseptic properties of ginger are also good for treating dandruff.

Conditioning is essential for healthy hair as well. Provides nourishment and moisture to the hair. Nutrient-rich hair makes your hair healthier and reduces the chances of fungal infections and dandruff. Scalp Cleanser Anti-Dandruff Shampoo contains conditioning properties to protect the scalp and hair from moisture.

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