Ace the summer heat with these easy and quick tips

Ace the Summer Heat

Summer is a cocktail of colourful dresses and chilled ice coolers! What we love the most about summers is light clothing and a whole new palate of fresh and hydrating fruits! But is that enough? What about the heat, the blazing sun and the burns and pimples? The oil keeps resurfacing and to maintain healthy skin amidst the sweat and dryness is a challenge! However, we got you covered! This article will enlighten you with some tips which are not only rare but also easy to follow. Scroll up and quickly read the five essential tips to sail through the season in comfort and ease!

  • Avoid heavy makeup
  • If you are big on using foundation and cannot avoid using it at parties, then also apply face powder with SPF to avoid patchiness on the skin. In order to protect your lips, use a lip balm or gloss with SPF of 15! However, it is advisable to avoid makeup as much as possible. 

  • Consume your SPF
  • Oral consumption of vitamins A and C can naturally protect you from sunburns and heat flashes. Make sure to consume a bowl of citrus, berries and tomatoes! It can limit your potential of getting burnt and tanned in the scorching summer heat.

  • Watch out for blemishes
  • It is very important to choose the right sunscreen and apply it on a daily basis irrespective of whether or not you are stepping outdoors. Our skin becomes prone to acne and blemishes in heat and it requires special attention. A good sunscreen with a SPF of 30-50 is usually good for all skin types! 

  • Don't ignore your feet
  • Since the winter boots are back in the closet, it's time to pay special attention to your feet! Since they are no longer protected with layering of socks, you must go for pedicures or use foot scrubs at home! No one wants to see dry toes behind those glamorous heels. 

  • Exfoliate on regular basis
  • It is a must to use face scrubs at least twice in a week! It helps in removing the accumulation of dirt and excessive oil from the skin. Choose the scrub according to your skin type. For instance, an oily skin can go for cucumber based products which helps in keeping the skin cool. 

    While the busy routine never ceases and each day gets all the more hectic and taxing, the least we can do is find some time for selfcare! These are the basic steps to start with! Would you like to hear more about essential summer care tips? Visit Revees Clive for more information.

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