7 Ways to Boost Your Skincare Routine in This Winter

Winter Skin Care

Do you really need to change your winter skincare routine? 

Yes, you do! Here are some of the winter skincare tips that can help you.

The changing seasons are the worst time for skin, especially due to dryness. The cold air at this time dehydrates the skin, making it dry, itchy, and irritating. Under these circumstances, most women are confused about whether they can maintain smooth, glowing skin. If you too are in the same dilemma we will solve your problem.

“In winter, skin impairment and fragility are most common, and can manifest as symptoms of dryness, sensitivity, and lack of shine,” 

Here are some tips to change your winter skincare routine:

  1. Use a Moisturizing Cleanser

When the temperature drops, the moisture level also decreases, and our skin loses moisture to the dry air around us. So, in winter, switch to a moisturizing cleanser that can hydrate dry skin and support the skin barrier to protect it from the harmful effects of cold weather. It also helps to exfoliate old dead skin cells without feeling tight or dry.


  1. Skin Cleansing

The secret to keeping your skin clean without accumulating waste is to cleanse your face with peony and turmeric ubtan every day. "The skin's natural cell turnover process creates an overlying layer of debris that must be removed before applying any other product, as it affects the efficacy of future key ingredients that enter the skin, It helps in blood circulation and the removal of toxins. So don't rush."


  1. Hyaluronic Acid

In winter, exposure to strong, cold winds can dry out your skin. So always hydrate your skin and use hyaluronic acid for outstanding results.


  1. Adding Retinol to Your Skincare Routine

“Retinol is excellent for firming and smoothing the skin. You should always follow up with a good SPF. Retinol increases cell turnover, regulates oil flow, and improves pigmentation.


  1. Using Sunscreen as a Protective Layer in Skincare

"The biggest mistake you can make is not to wear SPF in the winter". Our skin can be damaged by UV rays all year round. Use mineral-based SPF for lightness, breathability, marine-friendly, and ease of use.


  1. Vitamin C is the Winner in the Skincare Category.

Include skincare products with vitamin C in your skin care regimen. Vitamin C works effectively in the winter months, and SPF protects against rays that aren't completely blocked by sunscreen. “It’s also good for skin pigmentation and promotes collagen production, which gives you a brighter complexion”.


  1. Follow a Nutritious Diet

It's always important to complement your winter skin routine with a nutritious seasonal diet and skincare regimen. This season, eat a lot of squashes, such as butternuts and pumpkin, which are rich in beta-carotene. It also aids cell regeneration, regulates skin function, and stimulates collagen production.

In cold and dry climates, the skin lacks moisture. So, you want to load all the moisture you can get. As the seasons change, so does your beauty routine. Because of this, it's time to choose the best skin care products that will work to keep your skin healthy while fighting the cold weather.

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