In today’s stressful times, many a time we joke about pulling our hair out in frustration. However it is no longer funny when we have to deal with real hair loss. Women treasure their crowning glory and leave no stones unturned in keeping it as their pride and joy. But when faced with hair loss, it can be highly frustrating, surprising and downright disheartening.

We usually associate hair loss and subsequent baldness with men. Many will be surprised to know that women represent 40 percent of those with hair loss. However, it is usually normal to lose 100 hair every day, losing more than that and alarmingly thinning of hair requires dedicated hair fall treatment. The Rêvées Clive organic hair therapy is just the right solution to stop the hair fall right in its track and augment hair growth and improve the hair quality in general.   

Rêvées Clive Organic Hair therapy oil is a magnificent intensive hair treatment which is a truly magical and perfect combination of ancient Ayurveda and natural sciences. It consists of 100% botanical extracts and herbs which help in restoring scalp health and revitalizes hair. A blend of 16 miraculous ingredients including Bhringaraj (Eclipta Alba), Gooseberry (EmblicaOfficinalis), Lac (Lacciferlacca), Indigo (IndigoferaTinctoria), and Henna (Lawsonia Alba) that works for treating alopecia and other causes of hair loss. It does not only nourish the scalp and strengthen hair to grow fast but also help diminishes graying.


Beauty is more than skin deep. Today it is the age of selfies and social media, where there is tremendous pressure to flaunt flawless skin to the world. Filters and apps can only help superficially. What truly counts, is to have healthy skin more than just creating a good impression. All internal organs are protected from external threats such as environmental pollutants, UV rays and microorganisms by the skin. Hence it is imperative to protect and give tender loving care to our skin that it rightfully deserves.          

Rêvées Clive has come up with this wonder product Prolonging miracle face & body oil  that is a heady mix of exotic herbs, flowers, seed oil, and botanical extracts.

This iconic oil is renowned for its powerful rejuvenation properties. This purest and potent concentration targets acne, blemishes, remove impurities and beautifies your skin from within. Its unique reconstructive formula keeps the skin well-hydrated, supple, and lends a visibly clearer-looking texture in a matter of days. The secret of the magical powers of Prolonging miracle face & body oil lies in the potent ingredients that render it as the best body oil for glowing skin. This amazing oil is purely made up of ayurvedic herbs only. like Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), Indian Madder (RubiaCordifolia), Vetiver (VetiveriaZizanioides), Safflower (SchleicheraTrijiga) and a lot more.

The unmatched benefits of the Prolonging miracle face and body oil is remarkable. It adds a new life and a luscious glow to the skin that one will always dream. It happily gets absorbed perfectly and maintains a protective barrier to your skin while nourishing the skin with essential vitamins.