A startling list of chemical ingredients goes into the making of typical hair oil that one may not be aware of. If you do not believe, go and check out what composes your go-to anti-dandruff or hair growth oil, that just doesn’t work no matter how dedicatedly you slather it on your locks. But do not repine for there are some really natural and ayurvedic oils for skin and hairs in India which even though may demand your dedicated usage as well as patience, yet will leave you smitten with healthy shiny hair.

Hair oiling is an essential part of the Dinacharyain classical Ayurveda. In today's times, hair oiling is recommended. Frequent and consistent hair oiling helps correct many modern hair problems like hair thinning, premature graying, scalp dryness, excessive scalp oiliness, weak and brittle hair, split ends, etc. Hair oiling is also recommended to be done to reduce mental stress, improve the functioning of the eyes, and promote good quality sleep.

Organic Hair Therapy an Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth specialties:

  • 99%Organic Ingredients. Herbal and safe, truly organic, natural
  • Power packed with rich Ayurvedic oils and herbs proven to effectively reduce hair fall, hair loss and, dandruff if used regularly. These ingredients also promote hair growth.
  • Infused with authentic Ayurveda herbs to promote healthy, black and thick hair and a unique blend of extra-virgin, cold-pressed certified organic oils
  • Always free from Mineral Oil, Synthetic Fragrance, Colors, Parabens, BHT/BHA, Sulphates, Silicones, and other toxic /harmful chemicals
  • Ideal hair oil for women, men, and children of all ages


The oil is a powerful blend of 16 herbs. Characteristics of the key ingredients are:

  • Hemidesmus - It is used for hair growth; hair fall and adds nutrition to it.
  • Cold pressed sesame oil - Prevents premature graying of hair and encourages healthy hair growth. It provides UV ray protection and provides moisturizing properties for hair. Prevents premature hair loss.
  • Indigo - It treats and prevents premature graying apart from helping new hair growth and treating baldness. It treats dandruff and conditions your hair besides soothing the scalp and making the hair shiny.
  • Priyangu - It is used to promote hair growth and prevent hair-splitting, falling, and dandruff.



What Are the Advantages of our Ayurvedic Hair Oil?

Manageable, healthy hair within a few weeks

When you use chemical products, it can lead to irritation in the scalp and gradually damage the quality of your hair. They can take away all the moisture and cause breakage. But with Rêvées Clive Organic hair oil, you get all the essential oils and nutrients that keep your hair healthy and strong.

Relaxes mind and body

After a long strenuous day, all you need is a good hair massage that too with the best hair oil in India. When you use the Organic Therapy Hair Oil, it will improve blood circulation, relaxing your mind and body. Also, hair growth will be faster and better.

Provides deep conditioning to your hair

With good organic hair oil, you don't need to use a hair conditioner for smooth and tangle-free hair. Our best natural oil for hair works as a conditioner too, getting you rid of dryness and dandruff, and providing sufficient moisture to the scalp apart from preventing graying of hair.

Good for frizzy and dry hair

There are times when your hair is just out of control and feel too frizzy and lifeless. In such a scenario, take a few drops of hair oil in your palm and rub the fingers gently through the strands. This will settle the frizz without making your hair greasy and oily.