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About Revees Clive Brand

The Brand

Revees Clive believes in the perception of good living and well-being, its step towards desirable beauty care option. The founder of the Revees Clive had a clear vision to unravel the mystery of 5000 years old system of Ayurveda to the modern world in form of contemporary products.

The legacy of researching nature is the key feature of our brand. ReveesClive has initiated the use of modern science to re-discover and endorse secrets of Ayurveda and holistic skin care. Cutting edge technology, authentic Ayurvedic and herbal products with the use of 100 percent natural and highest quality of ingredients make Revees Clive the best among all leading companies.

Our research and development are focused on unique product formulation, standardization, safety, and quality control. Our products are developed meticulously with research with represents our commitment to continuous investment in the stalwart employees, practices, and technology. Our product undergoes years of primary research before it reaches the market. We continuously innovate to offer a wide range of high-performance skin care and cosmetics products.


Revees Clive
Holistic Care